Do you feel that there is not enough time in your busy life for creativity?

Are you longing to express yourself creatively but feel stuck, uncertain or ‘not creative enough?’

Perhaps you are experiencing creative blocks and would like to feel more freedom in your creative expressions?

Do you sense that expressing yourself creatively will bring greater clarity, joy and peace to your life?

My 10 Minute Muse e-workbook offers you a beautiful opportunity to engage with your creative spirit in time-savvy, fun and stimulating ways. It offers a diverse range of writing tools suitable for any stage of your creative journey and these are accompanied by original photographs by Georgie James Photography. It has been created with love from me to you.


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Love for the #10minmuse

"The 10 Min Muse is by far my favourite e-workbook of all time. Big call - especially since I have completed MANY e-workbooks in my time - but hand on my heart completely true. I opened the e-workbook after a really rough day in my business, where I knew I needed some down time to connect within. The journey that the 10 Min Muse took me on, and the feelings that came up for me as I went through each activity, were beyond-words healing, liberating, inspiring and empowering. Naomi is one gifted coach and incredible human - and by the end of the 10 Min Muse experience you will get a glimpse into what you can expect to experience through her coaching and resources. I will be shouting about this e-workbook from the virtual rooftops and recommending it to anyone who will listen. Don't let this one sit in your inbox uncompleted - please do it and let your heart transform too."

                                                                                  -   Naomi Arnold - Business + Life Passion Coach (

Naomi, The 10 Minute Muse is just beautiful! Reading each journalling activity brought a smile to my face and a joyous, uplifting feeling within! Although I believe that expressing our creativity is so important, I often struggle with journalling myself and don't set aside the time and space to do it. I think I also hold back because I'm not sure what to write about, and I don't ask myself the right questions to tap into my curiosity, so your prompts are the perfect way to be able to bring out my creative side each day! Thank you so much for this gift x

                                                                                     - Heidi Rose - Natural Lifestyle Coach and Therapist (

“I really loved 10 Minute Muse! With really clever and unique creative prompts, that feel simple and achievable, Naomi has created a truly unique and valuable resource!”

                                                                                     - Amy McKenzie - Life & Business Coach (


Lightning quick, punchy ways to immediately immerse myself in creative writing, Naomi's invitations are playful and engaging. Do yourself a favour and unleash the beauty of your imagination!

                                                                                            -  Anna Dobby - Life Coach for Sensitive Souls (


10 Minute Muse gave me a sense of permission to have fun, and a real feeling of freedom. Naomi's written it with so much love!

                                 - Samantha Wheatley - Intuitive Coach for women seeking inner peace (