My story


After having my third beautiful child, I felt overwhelmed about the idea of returning to my previous work. I really did love being a counsellor but the logistics of juggling that type of work and family life was feeling overwhelming. The nagging feeling that I was meant to be expanding into a new chapter was growing stronger. I felt an urging for something new, something creative, something more….I wasn’t sure. Whilst on maternity leave, I discovered the Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy – and I felt it. Instant connection. A moment where I finally quietened my busy brain long enough to listen to what my heart was telling me…this was it!

I’m someone who has traditionally taken the safe path and been on a quest for perfectionism, especially in my working life. But I’ve now had to get brave. Quickly. I’m doing things I’d never before dreamed were possible for me – even though I wanted to do them! I’m blogging, I have a business in my own name (can’t get much more visible than this!) and have really challenged myself to keep on being bold and brave.

Even though this has been scary, I knew I had to do it or otherwise I would remain unfulfilled and restless. But since I’ve listened to my heart, I feel much more satisfied in other areas of my life – especially as a Mum!

I’ve long felt sad when I see that women have stifled their own voice, talents, inner wisdom + creative spirit

My heart lies right here, helping women just like you inject more hope, joy, creativity and inner peace into your world and into the world.



My mission is to eradicate the ‘mother guilt’, ‘not-good-enough’, ‘not creative’, ‘not smart enough’ [insert your own worn out message here] from your voice, mind + heart.

Let’s replace it with something inspiring, energising + loving – something that is right for YOU.

It’s time to live, work, love and create wholeheartedly…for you to feel your absolute best.

Let me help you to Be in Bloom through my one on one coaching. Click here for details.


Professional Biography

Naomi Morrow is a Certified Life + Creativity Coach, Writer and Speaker who is passionate about supporting busy women (especially mothers) tune into their own needs and feel inspired about their life, relationships, work and creativity. Naomi helps her clients blitz through fears and limiting beliefs that are blocking their path to the life they truly desire. Naomi’s coaching expertise is supported by her extensive qualifications and over 15 years experience in Counselling, Social Work + Creative Arts Therapies. 




  • Certified Life Coach – Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy 
  • Bachelor of Social Work (Honours) - La Trobe University
  • Bachelor of Music (Therapy) – The University of Melbourne
  • Music and Imagery for Health and Social Care – Music and Imagery Association of Australia
  • Fundamentals of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy – Australian Association of Social Workers
  • The Literary Therapist: Creative Writing for personal growth, healing and social change – St Luke’s Innovative Resources
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, ACT Mindfully (Dr Russ Harris)