The time is now.


You’ve heard that expression: The time is now.  (It’s also a pretty awesome song from Moloko, which is now 16 years old, and not ‘now’).

Tonight my husband, myself and our three young children visited a gorgeous new beer hall and twilight market. It was a balmy Friday night and the end of a long week. A beer and relaxing conversation appealed. We got ourselves a cosy booth and the children bounced around energetically and exuberantly, as is their birthright. Our best intentions to chill out with them were thwarted. It was simply too exciting for them to sit still. We hurriedly finished our beers so we could get outside again so they could run and play at the market. Later, as we were leaving, admittedly with (by then) tired, hot and cranky children – we stopped to talk for a few moments with a table of energetic looking twenty somethings sans tired, hot and cranky children. Sans children.

It was unspoken between me and my husband. The wistfulness, even if only temporary, for the past. A time where we were free, and could linger for hours over a few beers, and great uninterrupted adult conversation. No nappies, spilt food, or tantrums.

But we have had our time. And now – what we have is now – is a new beautiful reality. A little noisy and chaotic, and certainly different, but it is our amazing life right now.

We need to lean in to the moment now and give it our full and wholehearted presence.

Lean too far back – we risk romanticising the past, remaining stuck, not fulfilling our potential and living a half-hearted life.

Lean too far forward, desperately trying to peer into the future and we might fall. Into an uncomfortable place of worry, anxiety, uncertain times…it is the unknown. The future should not be a reservoir for happiness.

Does this sound like you? “I’m not getting into my bathers and going swimming until I lose 10kgs” “I can’t possibly host new friends at my home until we extend the decking area” “Things will be great when all the kids are at school” “I will be happy when I get that promotion/ win lotto/ move to a new city”

Consider, what are you missing out on when you keep delaying what you could be doing right now? Connection? Happiness? Being your fabulous and authentic self? Achieving your amazing goals?

Time will continue to move forward. Things will change. We will grow, and our family will grow. Freedom will return in different ways. In ways we are yet to know, because it is the future. This is our time now.

So the challenge is this: lean in closely and notice the now with all of your senses…because it’s real.

It’s not easy this leaning in thing. I’ll be the first to put my hand up and say that at times, the present moment is the last place I want to be and I’ll find myself wishing away a difficult moment or hour or afternoon. But it’s the resistance and the struggle against the reality that often causes the most distress.

And maybe next time I write, I will lean in to the now and reference a song that is not from 16 years ago.

©Naomi Morrow, 2016.